Want to relax and enjoy a sexier relationship?

Reigniting Intimacy

A 6-week journey for couples to build more intimacy and connection in your relationship:

A six-week course for couples who are stressed about sex.

  • Are you in a couple and unhappy about the state of your sex life?
  • Do you feel stuck in a vicious cycle of hope followed by disappointment?
  • Are you worried that lack of sex is going to cause you to break up?

Many couples get stressed out with issues in their sex lives. You may be contending with health issues such as erectile dysfunction or vulval pain, you may have to cope with the arrival of a new baby, or you may just feel that the ‘honeymoon’ period is over.  

Whatever the cause, if you’re feeling scared that your relationship is under threat because of problems around sex - this course is for you.

Reigniting Intimacy is a comprehensive  six-week course that takes you on a transformational journey from feeling disappointed and hopeless to feeling empowered and optimistic.

I will guide you through some of the most common issues couple’s face, offering exercises, ideas and resources you can use to reinvigorate and rebuild intimacy and connection.

Hi! I'm Nicola Foster

I'm a certified Relationship and Intimacy Therapist and Coach. My mission is helping couples to reignite passion and intimacy, so they can have a happier, more relaxed and connected relationship. 

How is the course delivered?



Through a series of six modules each containing several video talks, video lessons and worksheets, I will take you on a journey into rebuilding intimacy. The course is delivered via a global leading course platform, so you can relax knowing that it is really easy to access and to use. A new module will be released each week to support you with building solid foundations and then adding new layers of learning each week. After the six weeks you’ll have lifetime access.



A printable course  workbook to record all your learning and discovery and from the course in one place.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER- 6 weeks to closer connection... 


✓ Learn about how arousal works and how it can go wrong and what to do about it

✓ Reflect on what sex means to you

✓ Understand more about your relationship patterns and how they affect your sex life

✓ Address blocks that are getting in the way of your desire for each other

✓ Learn how to communicate your boundaries with kindness



✓ Learn how to have safer conversations about sex

✓ Learn how to ask for what you need and want, in a way that your partner can hear

✓ Learn all about the science of pleasure and how to have more of it!

✓ Be inspired to grow as a lover

✓ Explore ideas and resources for bringing more fun and play into your lovemaking



I will be available for private and confidential questions via a personal video channel - so that you can have total privacy and confidentiality.






2 x £160

Payment Plan (Monthly)


"Nicola has really helped us to communicate about our intimacy. The exercises she gave us helped us learn how to express ourselves. She was so insightful, caring and discrete. We would recommend Nicola to anyone who wants to get closer." Fiona



Yes, you can. Whilst, taking the course together is deep shared journey, sometimes that just isn't possible.

You'll only pay once, even if your partner wants to access the materials later.

You might choose go through the materials alone, and then can go back through it anytime with your partner. Or, you might want to share sections and exercises that are most relevant with your partner.


"Nicola brings such experience and clarity, I really enjoy how her teaching is so authentic and unforced" Sam

Who is the course for?

 Couples and partners who:

  • Are relating well most of the time but sex is an issue
  • Are willing to reflect and learn about themselves 
  • Are interested in developing the relationships and making improvements

Who is the course NOT for?

If you and your partner are having arguments and stuck in cycles that include attack, criticism or hostility, I would recommend couples counselling with a qualified couples therapist before you commence this course.


What is sex and why does it matter? Why is consent so important even in established relationships? These are just some of the questions we look at in Module One.

Also in this module, you’ll each explore your personal history with intimacy and sex, so that you know yourself and each other better and can relax and feel safer exploring together your new sexual future.


It’s unlikely you’ll want to have sex with someone if you’re feeling resentful or angry towards them. In order to relax and feel flow with your partner, it’s important to address what might be getting in the way.

In this module, we explore how to communicate clearly and safely about past issues. We’ll look at how to have constructive conversations about sex. You’ll get access to some great communication printables and resources that you can keep using throughout the course and beyond.

  • Tools to develop more appreciation and gratitude for what works now
  • Learn about attachment and attachment patterns in relationships
  • Find out how to speak each other’s Love Language
  • Identify your communication needs in the relationship
  • Get support and ideas on how to clear past resentments



There can be so many reasons why it’s not easy to talk about sex. There is every chance it was a taboo topic in your family or culture. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you think you should know it all by now. When sex is already an issue in your relationship there can be fear of discussing it and getting even more frustated or upset. This course will give you ideas on how to speak with more ease and confidence.

  • Guided dialogue exercises - as easy printables
  • Tips on when and how to talk about sex
  • Expert lessons in arousal and pleasure - offering the latest science, research and knowledge they didn't teach you at school (or in Cosmopolitan!)
  • Question prompts to spark intimate conversations



1 in 4 couples report a mismatch in desire levels. If this is you and your partner, you might be feeling lost and afraid that there is no solution. This module provides insights into how other couples have found their way through this issue.

  • Tips on how to initiate - if you find it challenging
  • How to say no to sex - gracefully!
  • Guided intimacy exercises - as easy printables
  • Ideas and support for working with feelings of rejection
  • Find out the most common blocks to intimacy



Now that you’ve invested time and energy into the foundations of your sexual relating, this module takes you into the realm of cultivating more desire. This is when things get hot! You’ll learn about methods and techniques to put you and your partner in the mood, exercises and games to broaden your sexual landscape, and tips and tricks to find your YES! You’ll also get curated recommendations for resources, tools, books, teachings to support you and your partner in your enjoyment of each other.

  • Intimacy and pleasure exercises that you can print out for home play
  • How to use ‘presence’ to add more depth to your sexual relating
  • Introduction to how mindfulness supports better sex
  • The principles of embodiment and why it’s fundamental
  • A recommended reading list
  • Expert recommendations of ethical suppliers of intimacy toys and games available to buy online
  • Discover new ways to touch your partner for their pleasure (and yours!)



In the final module you’ll be guided on how to draw all that you’ve learned so far together into a vision for the future. You’ve learnt what makes you and your partner ‘tick’ sexually, what your needs are in terms of intimacy, and how you both best communicate your love for one another, and your wants and desires. Now it’s time to co-create a vision for your future together - one in which clear, honest communication and boundaries combine with new ideas, discoveries and realisations to bring out the most potential in you and your partner. You can be the author of the sex life you deserve!







2 x £160

Payment Plan (Monthly)



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