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Want to relax and enjoy a more intimate, happier and sexier relationship? 

Online courses, coaching and workshops for couples and individuals who are stressed about sex and relationships.

Welcome! I'm Nicola Foster. I'm a professional Couples and Psychosexual Therapist and my passion is the power of intimacy to heal.

My deep wish is for women and men to create and enjoy intimate, healthy and fulfilling relationships - with each other AND with themselves. 

I offer online coaching and courses, and I create safe, healing workshops and retreats.

You've probably found this page because you're feeling that:

  • You and your partner have lost something of the 'spark' between you
  • Sex is becoming something to avoid
  • Sex may be painful or uncomfortable
  • You have a differing level of desire to your partner 
  • You're worried that your relationship is in jeopardy
  • You no longer feel close
  • You can't initiate sex, or feel awkward asking for what you want
  • You find it hard to have 'difficult' conversations 
  • You're feeling resentful towards your partner
  • You feel like your constantly being ignored or taken for granted
  • You don't know how to break the cycle you're in...
In this easy-to-print guide, I'll walk you through how to reconnect in simple, baby steps.
Download and stop disconnecting - start reconnecting.


To help you understand more about relationship patterns and learn new skills.



One-to-one coaching sessions, just for you and tailored to your specific needs.

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Workshops and retreats for couples and individuals relating to intimacy and connection.


"Nicola brings such grace and warmth to her work" SK

Online Self-Study Courses

Reclaim Sexual Confidence 

A course for men who want to address anxiety about erections and overcome performance pressure.

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Reigniting Intimacy

A six week course for couples who want to deepen intimacy
and reignite desire.

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Rekindle Your Desire

A short course for women who want to get back in touch with their sensual selves

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"Nicola's helpfulness and compassionate approach was a great support to me."  NT

The Power of Intimacy -
a blog about relationship, love, healing and intimacy.


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"Nicola is excellent at what she does.  She creates a very safe and supportive place in which to explore major life issues.” RJ

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